La-ist Interview: Janet Dulin Jones and Paul Lazarus

Writer Janet Dulin Jones has been working on a screenplay, now a play, about the life of Charles Dickens since 1990. Director and co-writer Paul Lazarus has worked with her for the past 3 years. Now they’ve collaborated with the Antaeus Company, Los Angeles’s classical theatre ensemble (Pera Palas, Mother Courage, Chekhov x 4) to bring Dickens to the stage. This weekend, for five performances only, Los Angeles audiences finally get a chance to sneak a look at this mysterious story – an tale of Dickens’ own life and his investigations of murder, treachery, and skullduggery in 1830s London…

Carcassonne boards ‘Ambassadors’

Janet Dulin Jones adapts Henry James’ novel

PARIS — Leading French producer Philippe Carcassonne has boarded U.S. screenwriter Janet Dulin Jones’ adaptation of Henry James’ novel “The Ambassadors.”The $15 million pic, set at the start of the 20th century, follows Lambert Strether, the editor-in-chief of a Boston magazine who embarks on a life-changing journey to Paris to bring home his fiancee’s rebellious son.

Carcassonne, whose credits include “Un Coeur en Hiver,” “Ridicule” and “Coco Before Chanel,” will produce through his Paris-based shingle Cine@, alongside Julia Taylor-Stanley’s London outfit Artemis Films and Jones’ shingle Storyteller Films.The pic will boast an international cast of French, British and American actorsThe producers are seeking an English-speaking director. Jones says she hopes the pic will start to lens next fall in Paris.

Jones, who previously co-penned Gena Rowlands starrer “What If God Were the Sun,” finalized her script and met Carcassonne while attending Autumn Stories, the scribe residence program set up by the Ile de France Film Commission.

WGA sends four to Paris program​​

PARIS — The WGA has tapped four U.S. scripters to participate in Autumn Stories, a six-week residence program in France set up by the Franco-American Cultural Fund and the Ile de France Film Commission.

Janet Dulin Jones (“What If God Were the Sun”), Kasi Lemmons (“Eve’s Bayou”), Jeremy Leven (“My Sister’s Keeper”) and Frank Pierson (“Dog Day Afternoon”) will stay at the Abbaye de Royaumont, North of Paris, to finalize their most recent scripts — which are all based in France.

The Franco-American Cultural Fund and the Ile de France Film Commission will set up meetings with potential French partners, including producers, directors and actors, and organize visits to locations described in their scripts.“Our goal is to build bridges between the French and American film industries,” said Alejandra Norambuena Skira, topper of the Franco-American Cultural Fund…

Hollywood Writer Gets Break in Finsbury Park

Laura Enfield, Features Writer /  lily_laura

Back row L-R: Martin Stanbridge, Hamish Clarke, Moira Dennis, Melli Bond, Bill Hurst. Front row: Abigail Thaw, Janet Dulin Jones, Rosa Hoskins-Holt.

A casual meeting, a chance revelation of partner swapping and writer Janet Dulin Jones found her creative synapses sparking. 

A successful Hollywood scriptwriter for years, who has recently been increasingly drawn to the world of theatre, found she simply had to put pen to paper and start writing.But her resulting play Even could easily have been put away in a cupboard if it wasn’t for an introduction to Park Theatre’s creative director Melli Bond, who invited her to be part of the venue’s Script Accelerator programme.

Janet is now working with a cast on a stage reading performance of her play which will be performed on the Finsbury Park venue’s stage as part of its season of five works by emerging theatremakers. Last year several of the shows from Script Accelerator ended up as full-scale productions in the theatre…